WTAL’s FlexLease program is an innovative alternative Leasing-Model that allows airlines to shed costs as quickly as they shed revenues. With this program, WTAL introduces a financial source on a global scale, an alternative financing facility available to small and mega airliners alike. WTAL will purchase or sale and lease back narrow body commercial aircraft not older than 10 years.

The duration of the base lease contract will be 7 years, the termination of the base lease contract without penalty will be 4 years, with the following conditions:

  • The replacement aircraft should be ordered through WTAL
  • The customer (airline) is free to obtain three or more offers from the supplier of aircraft.
  • WTAL guarantees that the replacement aircraft’s purchase/lease rates will be min. 3% lower than the average market price for the said aircraft.
  • The airline operators will also have the benefits of the WTAL’s FLEXTRADE Program.